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DCP vol.5

Call for Participants: we are now accepting application for International Dance Project 「Dance Camp Platform vol.5」.
This project is a dance camp which is rare in the world , and the purposes are growing young artists/dancers, spreading ‘Art' itself  popularly by way of inviting foreign artists.
 First project has started in Edamitsu, Kitakyushu in November of 2015, and second and third projects was already held at International Dance Festival in Seoul, Korea in August of 2016, 2017.
Programs divide into 3 parts, creation camp, single workshop, performance viewing.
Participants of creation camp(experience of dance is not essential.) can learn techniques, senses, values of overseas through experience workshop, performance creation, performance appearance while staying with foreign artists for 1 week.
We provide opportunity to join this project as much as possible for all the people who want to acquire knowledge and technique. So if you do not have enough time to join 1 week camp, you can join single workshop and performance viewing.
This is the fourth times the project has been held in Japan. We host by inviting 1 artist from Spain and 2 artists from Korea.
We are waiting for your application.
Come to see the world.

What is "Dance Camp Platform"?
Theme is “All together !!
This dance camping project that creates a piece of work with sleeping and eating together with artists.
All would face dance through to the end and create the work for performing on the last day.
The purpose is not only skill improvement but also expanding the possibility of creating new values and behaviors, through communication that goes beyond region, gender or age, with sharing a lot of stimulus and knowledge.


22th Dec of night : explanatory meeting
23 to 25th : Creation & Workshop
26th:Intermediate announcement
28th : Technical rehersal
29th : Performance


Edamitsu Honmachi Shopping Street Iron Theater

8-26,Edamitsu Honmachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushushi, Fukuoka, Japan, 805-0008
TEL : 093-616-9890 or  090-5383-5780


Organized by: DEVIATE.CO
Supported by: Edamitsu Honmachi  Shopping street Iron Theater
         On & Off Dance Company
         Kaoru Norimatsu (Futome Performance)
         Saori Yoneda (Baobab)
Photo by      :Kyoko Matsumoto・Norihito Ishii・Makiko Kumagai
Flyer design   :Norihito Ishii